International Investment Systems

International Investment Systems is a software company that develops software products for the Investment Management industry.

International Investment Systems' main product is IDIS, the Investment Desk Information System.

IDIS is a quantitative tool for institutional Equities Investment Management, with functions for active investment and risk control.

IDIS' features include:
  • Portfolio and security analysis reports
  • Security screens
  • Factor models
  • A Modern Portfolio Theory risk model
  • A Portfolio Optimiser

The system is highly customisable and clients can define their own screens and models, with or without assistance from us as necessary.

For enquiries please contact Mark McIlroy on 0432 427 738.

IDIS Pricing

Fee per seat:  $2,000 /month + GST

Minimum fee per site:  $5,000 /month + GST

Onboarding fee per site:  $5,000† + GST

Bureau service

If you prefer not to install the full system but instead order reports on an ad-hoc basis, we offer a bureau service.

The fee per report is $250 plus GST.

An example of an available report is our 'Portfolio Analysis' report, which includes a total portfolio risk estimation, tracking error, contribution of each security to the portfolio risk, along with stock and sector exposures and selected factor exposures (PE etc.).

Mark McIlroy

Mark is the principal of International Investment Systems.

Mark has had a 30 year career in software development, Investment Management and Financial Services.

From 1997 to 2001 he was the Portfolio Manager (Quantitative) on the Australian Equities investment desk at National Australia Asset Management, the then funds management arm of the National Australia Bank.

Mark's software development experience covers software development houses, consulting to the government sector, and development of Investment Management front-office systems.

Mark's qualifications include an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and a Masters of Applied Finance (Macquarie University).

Technical information

The IDIS system resides on a high-performance internet server.

IDIS includes a built-in macro language that enables clients to add their own models to their system.

All IIS products are developed using a combination of the Calc language and C++. Calc is a high-performance programming language developed in-house at IIS.

†Monthly fees do not start until the system has been fully customised and installed.